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“I love Jen Brister’s Other Mother column!” (Sarah Millican)

“A bold and honest author with very funny bones” (Frankie Boyle)

“Gorgeously talented” (Time Out)

“Outrageously funny” (Metro)

About the Author

Jen Brister is a critically acclaimed stand-up comedian, author and actor. She is a regular performer on the United Kingdom and international comedy circuits. She has written for BBC Scotland, presented for BBC 6 Music and with Russell Brand on Radio 2, and has been a regular contributor to magazines including Standard Issue and The Huffington Post.

Jen has performed five solo shows world wide and appeared on Comedy Central and Live At The Apollo.

Meet Jen Brister, stand-up comedian, middle-aged adolescent and, more recently, a mum. But not that mum – she’s the other one. Puzzled? Let’s back up a bit. Two years ago, Jen’s partner (a woman – they’re not solicitors) gave birth to twin boys. Yes. Yes. Already there’s a lot to soak up here: gay mums, twins, solicitors… (I know! Consider me, I’m still reeling myself.)Like each new parent, Jen has absolutely no clue what she’s doing. Add ‘gay’ and ‘non biological’ to the mix and what do you get? Not a weird box of detergent, but a panicked beige lesbian desperately Googling, ‘Will my babies love me?’ at 3 a.m. This can be a book for any parent who feels they don’t fit the mold of a traditional 2.4 circle of relatives. Stand-up comedian Jen Brister takes a very funny, very honest look at life as a parent to her young twin boys: from IVF awfulness to crying over the pages of sleep training manuals. As ‘the other mother’ she has the very best vantage point for us to laugh and cry alongside her.