Ideaworks Set of 2 Digital Pedometers Price: £34.24 (as of 10/04/2023 03:04 PST- Details)

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Clip and go! The convenient way to count your steps with Ideaworks Set of 2 Digital Pedometers!
After a long day of being on your feet; walking to work, standing at the reception, walking to the gym, you’re going to question how many steps you have in reality walked that day. You might feel like you have walked 500 miles but it is advisable be surprised at how far you have in reality walked if you had a digital pedometer at hand!
A digital pedometer is a mighty, yet small piece of exercising equipment that may be great in keeping you motivated. As your body moves when you walk, the pedometer works by sensing your body motion and your footsteps; your footstep count is then converted into distance as it is aware of the length of your usual stride. Wear your pedometer all day, on a daily basis and begin to record your total steps; try and beat your personal best on a daily basis! Why not get your partner, friend or child involved? With this you get a set of 2 pedometers so you and the one you love can get fit together!
These pedometers don’t seem to be bulky in size or uncomfortable to wear, making your walk more enjoyable! It’s easy to clip securely; just a simple click and off you go! Either put it on your belt, waist band or even your bra! Whichever you find most comfortable and what feels more accurate for you.
This simple and easy to use digital pedometer is for use for daily steps, not work outs or running. It’ll count up to 100,000 steps which covers 50 miles! Did you know that you only have to walk 10,000 steps to burn 250 – 600 calories? This does then again depend on how much you weigh! For a 10 stone 7 pounds person, walking 2,000 – 2,500 steps will burn around 80 calories; that calculates to around just one mile!

Counts up to 100,000 steps
Two digital pedometers to count your daily steps
Battery operated (single use 1 year battery life)
Clip on pedometer is easy to use – just clip and go!
Covers up to 50 miles