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? Rechargeable LED hands free flashlight.
?Warm and comfortable winter knit cap hat.
?Stretch to sizes, fit the general public.
?Extremely useful for night dog walking, camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, jogging, handyman working and other night out of doors activities. But even so, it’s great for casual wear as warm Knit Cap in winter or cold weather.

Package includes: 1 * Rechargeable LED Lighted Beanie Hats

The self-contained flashlight has a removable tip that uses a USB port to slide into a power bank, notebook computer, USB power port, and the like. And it’s well made. The hat keeps you warm, covering all of the head down to the ears.

Charge & Wash tips:
1.Pull out one side of the led light.
2.Then back into the hole Vertically.
3.Take the full Circuit out.

Ultra-soft and excellent insulation acrylic blend material.One Size fits all,men,women,child.
Unisex knitted hat with 4 built in and removable rechargeable LED light.10 hours runtime, offer a standard USB port for charging battery, you’ll charge it in car charger, computer or portable power bank,no longer re-purchase and charge batteries.
Provides enough light for finding your way in the dead of night or completing tasks in poorly lit environments,meanwhile the knitted cap can keep you warm in the cold winter when you go outdoor.
Light is removable, cool to the touch and has 3 light intensity settings. USB rechargeable batteries included. Washable, just pick off the light and wash it by hand/machine.
Beanie cap hat with LED light is ideal for Dog Walking, Jogging, Biking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing,Hiking, Handyman Working,Grilling, Auto Repair and Home Improvement or any other activity needing hands-free lighting.It is also a great Halloweens/Christmas/New Year’s gift for your members of the family, friends and anyone you love.