Liberty Wristband – Innovative Wristband for Dog Walking Attaches to Any Dog Leash Converting It Into A Hands Free Leash… Price: £24.99 (as of 10/04/2023 02:36 PST- Details)

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LIBERTY WRISTBAND is a strong and comfortable neoprene wristband with a patent pending aluminum clasp that easily attaches to any size leash for any size dog. This revolutionary device allows for hands-free dog walking being able to safely and comfortably keep an eye on any dog with no need to hold onto the leash or wrap it around the wrist. Engineered for safety, the clasp will also be quickly and easily opened to release the leash. The benefits are remarkable: making life simpler, easier and more protected. LIBERTY WRISTBAND’s patent pending design accomplishes 4 improbable goals: 1. Creates a protected, comfortable and protected tether to keep an eye on any sized dog. 2. Adds the capability of quickly releasing any tether or leash manually at any time. 3. Effectively relieves the hand or wrist from all work or stress related to hanging onto a leash or having to wrap it around a wrist. This furnishes the dog owner being able to completely calm down their hands and enjoy a 100 % stress-free experience. 4. Safely supports some great benefits of HANDS-FREE Dog Walking so that one can have an extra hand for a holding a cell phone, beverage or simply to keep a hand warm inside a pocket at the same time as being tethered to a dog.

Revolutionary Wristband Attaches To Any Size Dog Leash. Designed For All Size Dogs
Safely Controls Any Leash With A Manual (Patent Pending) Quick Release For Safety
One Size Fits All Size Wrists. Makes Any Leash Hands Free !
Relieves Your Hand of All Stress from holding On and Wrist Wrapping
Comfortable All Weather Materials And Incredibly Strong

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