flexi Giant Retractable Lead

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Size Name:L 10 m – bis max. 50 kg

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Extra stable, extra long, extra sensitive – especially for large and strong dogs! The 10 m long tape in neon is particularly robust and ends in a chromed hook for safe fastening on the collar. The stable soft grip guiding the dog is particularly comfortable. For dogs up to 50 kg. Leash weight: approx. 860 g.


flexi users must be authorized to walk dogs, be familiar with how to walk dogs and be able to safely regulate the dog and keep it under statement all the time. Persons who do not meet these requirements, including children, should not use a flexi lead.• Before every use, make sure none of your flexi components are damaged.• Please note that even high-quality materials are subject to normal wear and tear.• Do not continue to use the flexi if you see signs of damage or wear. In case of doubt, please contact the flexi Customer Service.• Do not allow the dog to bite or chew on the lead, belt or other flexi components. Dog bites in particular can damage the components of your flexi and accelerate the wear and tear process.• All the time use the included safety loop along with your own collar. This will keep the lead from snapping back if the collar breaks. A quickly retracting lead can cause injuries.• Never hold onto the lead or belt. This can result in injuries.• Do not let the lead or belt wrap around body parts. The lead or belt can cause cuts or friction burns.• Avoid letting the lead hang loosely. Only a taut lead gives you regulate over the dog. Use the brake lock only if you need the dog to heel on a short lead.• When other people or animals are nearby, All the time keep the dog on a short lead.• Observe your dog carefully so as to All the time respond to dangerous situations, and watch out for other road traffic and pedestrians.• Only hold the flexi by the hand grip, so as to use the brake button at any time and prevent the dog from running away out of your regulate.• Stop your dog with the brake button right away if it runs away suddenly.• Only use the flexi at the same time as on foot, not with your bike or another vehicle.• Do not attach the flexi to your body. The dog could knock you over as a result of the tight connection.• Do not attach the flexi to solid objects. The lead is designed for walking dogs by hand.• Only use the flexi for walking animals, never for any other purpose.

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The 10 m long tape in neon is particularly robust and ends in a chromed hook for safe fastening on the collar
For dogs up to 50 kg
Leash weight: approx. 860 g


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