Retractable Dog Lead, FuPany 26ft/8m Extendable Walking Dog/Pet Leads Strong Nylon Leash for Small Medium Large Dogs Up… Price: £16.82£19.99 (as of 10/04/2023 03:29 PST- Details)

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FuPany dog lead is made of premium materials for letting your walk with your lovely dog Secure. Extending up to 8m, allow your dog to walk, wander, sniff and poke around freely. Secure brake&lock system lets it extend to any length you want
based on your dog’s activity need and gives you full keep an eye on of your dog. Simply hold the comfortable handle, feel at ease, and enjoy your walking with your lovely dog!

NOTE: Please feel free to contact us in case you have any question, we’ll provide help for you.

Max Tension: 40KG
Traction Rope: Length 26ft
Material: ABS+TPR casing, nylon rope, nickel snap hook
Weight: 370g

Secure-the use of Tips
a. Pre-work Before Walking
1. Make sure your dog is well trained and easily controlled.
2. Check to make sure every part of this lead and your dog’s collar or harness fit well and are all in good condition.
b. Whilst-walking
1. It’s better to extend the lead to a comfortable walking distance.
2. At all times hold the lead by the handle to be able to use the brake button at any time and prevent the dog from running away out of your keep an eye on.
3. Avoid letting the lead hang loosely. Only a taut lead gives you keep an eye on over the dog and prevent it from sudden running.
4. Observe your dog carefully to be able to stop your dog right away with the brake button pressed if it runs away suddenly.
5. Please make sure your dog isn’t so far that you’ll be able to’t pull them back in a dangerous situation.
6. If your dog gets too far, lock the brake button and lower your arm to your side. Whilst walking, unlock the brake to pick the slack from the lead. Repeat this until your dog is close enough to you.

1. Don’t allow little children to use the dog lead.
2. Keep lead away from sharp objects which may break its internal mechanism.
3. Please prevent your dog from biting the lead which would cause snapped lead.

SECURE-SAFE BRAKE & LOCK SYSTEM: Reliable lock button makes the lead freely retract and extend, simply brake and lock whenever and wherever you want, giving you fully keep an eye on and guaranteeing the safety of your lovely dog and yourself.
STRONG & DURABLE MATERIALS: All made of premium material, ABS plastic casing, 100% nylon rope and nickel snap hook to ensure excellent have an effect on resistance.
EXTRA LONG LEAD UP TO 26ft/8M: 24ft nylon round cord for extra easy retracting and extending, 2ft nylon ribbon for comforting and anti-hurting your lovely dogs, giving them enough freedom to wander, sniff, and poke around.
COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC GRIP: Ergonomic and anti-slip, the handle is easy to grip and Secure enough even when your dog is pulling and running.
FIT FOR MOST DOGS: For any types of dog with up to 40kg/88lbs in weight, this lead is suitable for powerful large dogs, medium sized and small sized dogs.


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