Zolty Supplies Pet Care Kit | Set Includes Deshedding Glove, Hair Grooming Comb & Scissors, Nail Clippers, Flea & Tick…

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Let’s face it. Frequent trips to the pet grooming salon are expensive.

As much as pet grooming is a necessity, you’ve got to admit how they are able to be somewhat pricey. Have you ever asked yourself if you can give your pets the luxurious grooming session they need without hurting your pockets?

The good news is that you can all the time groom your pets at home. That would make so much sense-you get to spend more time with your furry friends and they will feel more at ease being groomed in the comfort of your own home. The only catch is that pet grooming requires many tools and splurging on all of them can cost more.

Get all of your pet grooming needs in one with Zolty Supplies’ Pet Care Kit!

Zolty Supplies Pet Care Kit is the only grooming set you can need to give your furry best friends their much needed primping. Our kit includes a deshedding glove that gets rid of loose pet hair whilst distributing natural oils, making your pet’s coat healthier with a glistening sheen. It is going to also mimic your natural petting motion to keep them calm and relaxed. The accompanying grooming comb and hair clippers will suit any kind of fur type and length for a more efficient and hassle-free trimming.

Keep your pet’s hygiene in check. Use our stainless steel nail clippers to keep their nails neatly trimmed and our mini toothbrush to keep their teeth squeaky clean. Zolty Supplies also made sure that your pets are free from fleas, ticks, and other creepy crawlers with the kit’s flea and tick remover comb and clippers.

Zolty Supplies’ Pet Care Kit includes:
> deshedding glove
> nail clippers
> nail file
> flea & tick removal clippers
> flea & tick removal comb
> scissors
> hair grooming comb
> finger toothbrush

✅ SAVE MONEY ON DOG & CAT GROOMING – Groom your pet like a pro! Give your cats and dogs the kind of pampering that expensive salons offer with our pet care kit. We offer quite a lot of brushes and combs to suit your pet styling needs.
✅ ALL IN ONE TOOL KIT – No need to buy pet grooming and cleaning tools one by one. Keep your pet’s teeth and coat healthy and its nails perfectly trimmed with just one kit. From deshedding gloves and detangling brushes to toothbrushes and nail clippers, we’ve got you covered!
✅ NO MORE FLEAS & TICKS – Don’t let parasites ruin your furry friend’s health. Our pet care set also comes with flea and tick removal combs and clippers to keep those pesky parasites from ruining your pet’s skin.
✅ KEEP YOUR PET’S FUR HEALTHY – Our deshedding glove and grooming comb can help brush off loose hair, grime, and dirt whilst keeping your dog or cat at ease. With just a few flicks of your wrist, your pet can now have a healthier and radiant coat!
✅ BRING YOUR KIT ANYWHERE – Groom your furry babies whenever, wherever. Zolty’s kit contains all the essential grooming supplies you can need. Easily pack them all up on your trips with your cuddly pets!