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Here’s How You Can Beat The Heat With The Ultimate Summer-Hack!

If you like outdoor activities, working out or going for mid-summer hikes with your friends, our premium cooling towel is here to help keep you cool and breezy all day long!

Presenting The Zamat Ultimate Ice Cooling Towel For Men & Women!

It’s time to say goodbye to sweat, unbearable heat and high temperatures once and for all with our exclusive magical cooling towel, which is specifically designed to offer you an unparalleled cooling experience for hours on end! And unlike all those low-quality cool towels, our water cooling towel is:

MORE EFFICIENT – thanks to its smart 3-Layer structure technology

MORE COMFORTABLE – since it’s made from super-soft microfiber

MORE CONVENIENT – as a result of its heavy-duty, lightweight and space- saving design

Hot Summer Days Just Got Cooler!

All you want is our innovative cooling towel and you start enjoying your outdoor activities again without the slightest discomfort! The ZAMAT cool towel will help you enjoy:

Gardening & Landscaping


Working Out


Running, Jogging & Cycling

Hiking & Trekking

Camping & Backpacking

Outdoor Walks

Superb Sweat- Absorption & Comfort!

Our elite cooling towel is made from superior-quality microfiber fabric, which is not only tearproof and durable, but also extremely comfortable. In consequence, it is possible for you to to enjoy unparalleled breathability, sweat absorption and comfort – all day long!

Unmatched Versatility!

The ZAMAT cool chill towel is ideal for men, women, children and seniors! Plus, our ice towel is perfect for professional drivers, athletes, yogis, gardeners, construction workers, farmers, sports coaches and anyone who wants to stay cool for hours.

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?FEEL COOL FOR HOURS ON END WITH OUR INSTANT COOLING TOWEL, which is specifically designed to remain cool for hours and help you beat the heat like never before! Here are sports towels whether you are working outside, swimming or working out. The ZAMAT ice cold cooling towel will keep you cool and comfortable!
?JUST SOAK IT IN WATER, SHAKE IT & ENJOY! It’s that simple! The moisture will spread evenly during the surface of the water cooling towel and shaking it’s going to facilitate evaporation. In consequence, it is possible for you to to place the cooling towels on your neck or head and feel a cool breeze on your skin for hours!
?UNLIKE ALL THOSE CHEAPLY-MADE COOLING NECK WRAPS that provide no cooling effect whatsoever, need constant re-soaking and may fade after a couple of weeks, our high-quality cooling neck towel features an innovative 3-layer and sunproof technology for maximum performance and the colors will not fade even after years of the use of it.
?SURPRISE YOUR LOVED ONES WITH A SUPER-COOL GIFT! Each cool towel come with a premium pouch and carabiner. Spoil your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, son, daughter or grandparents with the ZAMAT smashing cool head scarf, so that it will help them endure high temperatures and sizzling hot summer days with a smile on their faces!
?AND THE COOLEST PART? YOUR PURCHASE IS 100% RISK-FREE! If you don’t seem to be 100% delighted with our microfiber ice cooling towel within 30 days, we promise to offer you a prompt and full refund! That’s our unconditional ice-cold guarantee! What are you waiting for?



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