WAHL EZ Nail Clipper and File, Cat and Dog Nail Clippers, Pet Claw Cutter, Safety Lock, Nail Clipper for Pets, Non-Slip…

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Product Description

This revolutionary all-in-one scissor style nail clipper and battery operated nail file will make the task of keeping your pet’s nails in shape simple and easy. The steel nail trimmer blades will cut through the excess nail without any difficulty. This nail clipper incorporates an adjustable safety guard to limit the amount of claw that can be clipped, thus helping to prevent accidents. The main benefit of the guard is that it allows the operator to locate the nail quick and adjust the guard accordingly to prevent cutting down the nail too far. The battery operated, high speed rotary nail file is an ideal for shaping the claw and removing any loose or jagged, sharp edges. Regular use of the file may remove the wish to clip the nails entirely. Soft touch grip maintain and ergonomic design make this product comfortable, effective and easy to use. Suitable for use with most animal claws. Regular care of your pets nails will not only make them more comfortable but it’s going to prevent them from scratching furniture and floors.

Over many years Wahl have developed a comprehensive range of pet care products. These products are designed to meet the needs of pet owners who wish to deal with and groom their animals at home. Every item in our range has been tried and tested to verify its suitability for the job.

Safety Warning

This is a gift, not designed as or for use as an actual toy

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Multi functional pet claw clipper and file – the protected and easy way to take care of your pet’s nails
Use the clipper to remove length and the integrated file to shape and smooth claws to prevent scratching and snagging
Features an adjustable guard to limit the amount of claw that can be clipped – reducing the risk of clipping the claws too short
High-speed, rotary, integrated nail file can reduce the wish to clip the claws with regular use. spare grinding stone included in kit
Soft touch, rubberised grip handles and ergonomic design ensure comfort and ease of use