ZoyPet Dog Disc Toy Flying Ring Pets Flying Disc Dog Chew Toys Non-Toxic Fitness Ring Dogs DT103 Green 10.8 inch

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Size Name:7 Inch  |  Colour Name:Green


How to play with your dogs or keep your pets happy at the same time as you are busy ?

With ZoyPet various combination of dog toys, You’ll be able to at all times find a good way to either bonding with your dogs or make them happy at the same time as you are busy.

1.Play tug-of-war with your dog–Most dogs instinctually take to games of tug-of-war because it¡¯s probably the most ways puppies can play at the same time as both tugging on an object with their mouths.
2.Teach your dog to fetch. Almost all dogs still love to play fetch. You’ll be able to use a standard active toy (such as a ball) or even something like a frisbee. Get your dog¡¯s attention with the object at the same time as it is still in your hand, ensure the dog¡¯s eyes track it as you move it around, and then throw the toy.
3.Teach your dog vocabulary. One fun game is to teach your dog a vocabulary. As you hand over a toy, say the name. It is great to play this game at the same time as you have a large variety of dog toys.

In addition to simply curbing your dog¡¯s boredom, playing with toys can help eliminate other unwanted behaviors and provide comfort for your dog when left alone. The right toys are also useful ways to help teach your dog new commands and games.Household objects such as old shoes, bungee cords, or belts don’t seem to be suitable toys. A dog can’t tell the difference between your old shoe and the one you bought the day gone by. Also, your dog can tear most household objects into small pieces and eat them. They are going to eat things you would never have thought conceivable.

Luckily, ZoyPet offers various types of pet dog cat toys to eliminate your worries. These durable dog rope toys and dog balls are the best chewing toys for puppies, small or medium dogs and also great for those who are light chewers.

ZoyPet Toy- Best Guarantee for Pet’s Joy

INTERACTIVE DOG TOY:This fitness ring suitable for throw, catch, fetching games, tug of war and teething chew.
Floating Dog Toys:Light weight, easy to carry,take this floating toy to beaches or swimming pools to play with your pets . A nice outdoor and indoor interactive dog tug toy.
Pet Training & Chewing Toy:Reduces boredom and destructive behavior, keep dog or pets health and active. Soft and safety chewing biting.
Durable: The tough and extremely durable flying ring can be used for a very long time, letting it develop into your pet¡¯s favorite toy
NON-TOXIC MATETRIAL:It is made of top of the range and food-graded EVA materials, environmental and non-toxic.
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