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Style Name:19ml

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Self defence spray legal in the United Kingdom:
Consisting of purple dye, water, and UV dye, the personal attack spray incorporates no pepper spray. When sprayed directly into an attacker’s face, the purple liquid may startle the assailant and disrupt the attack. With a powerful stream of spray, the criminal identifier sprays 3 meters and incorporates up to 20 bursts. The long-lasting dye, which lasts up to 48 hours if not right away washed off, alerts others of danger, and helps authorities identify the suspect.

Developed to be used in nations that don’t allow pepper spray, you’ll be able to still enjoy peace of mind from SABRE. Whether you’re walking to your car, going for a run, or out and about, clip a canister of this self defence tool to your purse or pocket. It helps heighten your awareness and keep safety in mind. You’ll also be prepared to startle, identify—and perhaps even deter—an attacker or a couple of attackers. Safety lock prevents accidental discharge.

Protect yourself today.

Package Includes:
– 1 x Mini Self Defence Spray Canister with UV 19 ml

Box Contains

1 x Defence ID Canister

HELPS DETER ATTACKER FROM A DISTANCE: Designed to startle and temporarily blind an attacker from up to 3 meters away. This is the most efficient alternative to pepper spray and is legally approved in UK
IDENTIFIES MULTIPLE SUSPECTS: Dye lasts up to 48 hours; spray incorporates 20 bursts giving you a better chance of marking your attacker
ON-THE-GO PROTECTION: Mini Self Defence Spray is small and discreet, and fits easily in bags and pockets and has Convenient clip for instant get admission to
REDUCES WIND BLOWBACK: Powerful stream delivery and this criminal identifier spray does NOT contain pepper spray, tear gas, or cs spray.
Anti-attack spray deters attacks and helps the police identify your assailants


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