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Colour Name:Pink  |  Size Name:XS(Neck:16-18cm;Chest:25-29cm;Back:16-20cm)

How to measure the dog size?

Chest: measure the thickest a part of the chest, add 2~3CM will be better. (Frequently in the back of the two legs)
Length: Make sure your dog stands properly, not sitting or lying. Measure along the dog’s backbone from the base of the neck to 5CM front the base of the tail.
Neck: the girth of the neck, add 2~3CM will be better.

Note: If your dog is a big chest, long hair, or on the high end of the size, you can also order the next larger size to make sure a comfortable fit.

Size Details:

This dog clothes is for small toy dogs or cat under 20 pounds

Size XS: Neck Girth:6-7inch/16-18cm; Chest Girth:10-11.5inch/25-29cm; Back Length:6-8inch/16-20cm; for weight 1-2 pounds/0.5-1.0 KG
Size S: Neck Girth:7-8.5inch/18-22cm; Chest Girth:11-12.5inch/28-32cm; Back Length:7-8.5inch/18-22cm; for weight 2-5.5 pounds/1.0-2.5 KG
Size M: Neck Girth:8-9.5inch/20-24cm; Chest Girth:14-15.5inch/36-40cm; Back Length:8.5-10inch/22-26cm; for weight 5.5-10 pounds/2.5-4.5 KG
Size L: Neck Girth:9.5-11inch/24-28cm; Chest Girth:15.5-17inch/40-44cm; Back Length:10.5-12inch/27-31cm; for weight 10-14 pounds/4.5-6.5 KG
Size XL: Neck Girth:11-12.5inch/28-32cm; Chest Girth:18-19.5inch46-50cm; Back Length:12.5-14inch/32-36cm; for weight 14-18.5 pounds/6.5-8.5 KG

Breed recommed: (for reference only):

Teddy or Poodle Adult dogs: sometime take M, L, XL
Chihuahua Adult dogs: sometime take XS, S or M
Pomeranian Adult dogs: sometime take S or M
Miniature Schnauzers Adult dogs: sometime take L or XL

The recommend weight is just for reference, please kindly take a measurement of your dog before buy,thanks.

XS: Neck Girth:16-18cm; Chest Girth:25-29cm; Back Length:16-20cm; for weight 0.5-1.0 KG
Fashion and classic style,soft and comfortable feeling will make your pet transform more attractive, and keep your puppy warmer in the cold weather.
2 layer Fabric: Woolen and Thick cotton windproof clothes, allow your little pet to play outside freely
To be had for small size pet, such as Cat, Chihnuahua, Poodle, Cup Poodle, Pomeranian, Yourkshire Terrier, Bichon Frise, Cocker Spaniel.
It only fit for small dog under 20 pounds.Please take a measurement before purchasing


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