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*100% Cotton natural material, non-toxic
*5 piece toy set (Fetch Rope, Knotted Rope, Bone, Fig 8 & Ball)
*Machine Washable
*Colours – Blue and Yellow; Dogs have dichromatic vision meaning they see in only two colours – yellow and blue. So we’ve designed these rope toys to make them as eye-catching as conceivable for dogs everywhere

FETCH ROPE – Light weight, flexible toy perfect for long distance throwing, encouraging your dogs physical activity and mental stimulation – 60cm x 3cm
KNOTTED ROPE – Great for a game of Tug and helps to promote interaction and the relationship between owners and their pets – 60cm x 3cm
BALL – For ultimate playtime this strong Rope Ball Dog Toy is the perfect toy to keep your dog entertained – 8cm x 8cm
BONE – Designed in the shape of a bone this toy can rise up to tough play. The tight weave of the intertwined ropes allow your dog to chew for hours – 30cm x 3cm
FIG 8 – Grinding is the nature of dogs. Chew toys can help the dog molar and clean teeth. Toys help dog’s mental development by keeping them active – 15cm

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Legal Disclaimer
Designed for large dogs and aggressive chewers, even though durable, these toys aren’t intended to be indestructible. Only use under adult supervision discard when showing signs of wear. Do not use the toy if you see any damage. Consequently, we exclude all responsibility for any direct or indirect damage because of abuse or negligence. In no event, regardless of cause, shall MAS Outdoors Ltd or any of it’s associates, be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages of any kind, whether arising under breach of contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise, and whether based on this agreement or otherwise, although MAS Outdoors Ltd has been advised of possibility if such damages

MENTAL STIMULATION & SEPARATION ANXIETY: Does your dog lack mental stimulation or suffers from Separation anxiety, which continuously resorts to undesirable behaviours, such as excessive barking, chewing (Shoes, Furniture, etc…), digging holes in the backyard, ripping carpet or scratching doors and walls. These rope Toys will control undesirable behaviours by offering mental stimulation, which is essential for a well-balanced dog and can be just as tiring as physical exercise.
BITE INHIBITION / MOUTHING: Is your puppy mouthing you, your children or your guests? Do not be concerned, this is a natural puppy behaviour as they develop their BITE INHIBITION. Deal with MOUTHING by redirecting the puppy to anyone of our rope toys, which have been deigned to be used as a training tool
COLOUR: Yellow and Blue; Dogs have dichromatic vision meaning they predominantly see in two colours from a limited colour spectrum (yellow and blue). So we’ve designed these rope toys to make them as eye-catching as conceivable for dogs in every single place. Don’t waste your money on colourful toys that actually look very bland in your dogs eyes.
££££ VALUE FOR MONEY: The retail value of each toy, if sold separately and of poorer quality, would be approx. £6.00 each. Now you’ll get all five toys at a discounted price, this offers great value for your money when purchasing our high-quality product. MATERIAL: These Rope Toys are manufactured from pure 100% Cotton, natural material with no added artificial fabrics, non toxic cotton fibre, Machine Washable, Environmentally Friendly and Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor use,
SIZE: Thickest Dog Rope on the market at ¼ inch (3cm) width and 24 inch (60cm) length, suitable for Medium, Large and X Large dogs. The Extra Thickness makes for a durable and tough toy, yet the 100% cotton is gentle for a dogs mouth and still strong enough for powerful jaws. Chewing the rope is the best way to clean your dogs teeth, massage gums, improves dental health, reduces plaque build-up, preventing gum disease and promote puppy new teeth growth.

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