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Size Name:L&XL

FRETOD is a professional pet supplies distributor. We imagine pets bring us joy ,and make our life better.

We dedicated to provide specialized and top quality of pet’s service and products. Making our pets have a more comfortable lifetime.

Why your dog need a muzzle ?

1.) If you find yourself outside with your dog , you might worry he will bite Rubbish at random.

2.) Are you crazy If you find yourself come home saw your clothes and shoes have be tear, rag is anywhere.

3.) You might Irritability when your dog barking.

The FRETOD Dog Muzzle will solve your troubles.

We are 100% Guaranteed:contact us and get full refund or new replacement you probably have any problem.

Comfortable and Durable
The FRETOD Dog Muzzle made of quality nylon with Soft Padding is comfortable to wear and durable.Adjustable bayonet and loop with soft padding suitable more body type of dog.

The suitable size make your dog breathe and stretching the tongue freedom.

Safer design The Security Lock will not making your dog break free from muzzle without you,Reflective strip design and Metal D-ring enables leading by the head and gives better keep an eye on,

making your dog more protected Whether it is day or night when at outside activity with your sweet dog.


Size : L & XL

Color: Black

Package: L Dog Muzzle ×1 & XL Dog Muzzle ×1

Size Map
Size L :Snout Strap: 7-12″ (18 – 30.5 cm), Neck Strap: 6.3-14″ (16 – 36 cm)

Size XL : Snout Strap: 9-13″ (23 -33 cm), Neck Strap: 8-16″ (20.3 – 41 cm)


Please measuring your pet’s size and ensure the muzzle suitable for your pet.

The muzzle must not be worn over a very long time.Do not leave your dog unattended when wearing the muzzle.

Large Size Include two size Muzzle Loops.
Well-fitting comfortable dog muzzle easy to put off and on
Made of quality nylon strong and durable with Security lock and Reflective strip
Adjustable muzzle neck strap and snap buckle, allows yawn and have free tongue movement
100% Guaranteed:contact us and get full refund or new replacement you probably have any problem.


Size Name