Complete Enjoyable Dog Agility Course – Contains Agility Hurdle, Agility Slalom Poles, Jumping Hoop – Fun for your Dogs Price: £110.00 (as of 10/04/2023 03:06 PST- Details)

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Design your own course with the Agility Hurdle, the Agility Slalom Poles, the Jumping Hoop. Agility training has transform an more and more popular form of dog exercise in contemporary years. Not only is it fun for your dog but may be mentally and physically challenging. This sort of training has also been known to make stronger believe between dog and owner.

This saver pack set incorporates all 3 agility items.
Agility Hurdle: As much as approx. 1 m hurdle for jump exercises, with adjustable height settings. 1.1 m wide.
Agility Slalom Poles 12-piece Set: The probably most challenging fitness exercise – your dog has to weave through all 12 poles.
Agility Jumping Hoop (diameter 55cm): A ring perfectly designed for jump exercises, with adjustable height settings.