CEESC Dog Chew Bone Toy Tooth Cleaning and Puzzle Game for Puppy, 3 Sizes and 3 Colors Options

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Size Name:S: 4.72″ x 1.77″  |  Colour Name:Blue

Your dog/puppy feel alone when you are out:

Please don’t complaint that they make trouble, if they have no toy to play with.

According to investigate and analyze, most destructive behavior made by dogs and puppies is on account of Irritability, confinement and lack of exercise. If you’ll be able to’t meet their needs, please don’t blame them for venting their feelings to the surrounding, such as bark, dig soil, bite furniture or shoes etc.

They just need toys, especially funny toys like this one, which can make sound, toss, tug, shake, gnaw, snuggle and bounce, run to chase or swim with.

Product Attributes:

Safe& Non-Toxic:

TPR is safe and non-toxic, feel rest assured to let your pet play with this toy. Tough and bouncy, you’ll be able to toss it and order your dogs/puppies to fetch.

Durable&Bite Resistant:

The spikes structure, it makes sufficient rub with teeth when dogs&puppies bite or chew the bone toy. These motion will not only clean their teeth but also help the chin muscle grow and fortify.

Completely Clean Teeth:

There are spikes on the two ends of the toy bone, they may be able to help clean teeth more thoroughly when your dogs/puppies bite the toy ends.

☞Sound Squeaker — The toy makes sound when move, puppies and dogs at all times feel very strange that they often try to find where it is and don’t want to stop.
☞Amazing Indestructible — Most dogs and puppies has a large number of energy and can destroy many toys, alternatively, this one is durable and strong enough.
☞Health Care And Eco-friendly — Extra benefit in dental care, healthy growth of dogs and puppies bones. Also, made with prime quality non-toxic pliable TPR material, which is absolutely recyclable and safe to your dogs&puppies, at the same time as the spike texture is avoid of choking hazard.
☞Happy And Funny — Your dogs&puppies will surely be busy and excited with it, on account of its included sound effect, great play experience of chew, toss, tug, shake, gnaw, snuggle and bounce, run to chase or swim with it.
☞Perfect For Training&Interactive — It is a necessary interactive toy for owners and their love pets, these interactive training can greatly toughen intellectual and reaction ability of dogs&puppies, promote your mutual feelings.

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