Arcadian Dog Walking Bag. A Perfect Camping & Travel Kit, Multiple Storage Compartments, Lined Feed Carriers… Price: £34.99 (as of 08/04/2023 07:07 PST- Details)

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Size Name:Small/Medium  |  Colour Name:Black/Orange

The Arcadian Dog Go back and forth Bag is designed to be a practical Size for Go back and forth (our official size S – M, please read) – This bag is a good size but not ridiculously big, making it ideal for those who ceaselessly Go back and forth with their canines but don’t wish to bring a large hold all. There is enough room to store all of your pets’ essentials as illustrated in the images. This bag is a practical & compact size, we are calling this bag size S – M as we do not want returns from customers expecting something huge! On the other hand, there’s no reason why it cannot be used for larger dogs providing you only wish to store accessories and treats. Our understanding is that anyone wishing to Go back and forth with a large amount of dog food will keep it in the manufacturers bag anyway which would be carried one at a time because of the size and weight. The silicone bowls provided are good for small to medium size dogs.

Convenient & Compact, Purpose Built Bag – Your Dog’s very own Go back and forth bag! Designed by our canine experts, this bag has multiple compartments for all your pooches’ accessories. It fits within the overhead compartment of passenger airlines and the footwells of most cars.
7 or 8 Compartments – Such a lot of pockets to help you find things quickly and with ease, includes a large main compartment divided into 2 (removeable divider if you prefer 1 large area), 1 front flap pocket, 2 side net pockets, 1 inner protected zipped net pocket and in the end 2 rear pouches.
2 Lined Food Containers – Each with a 1litre volume, included with this set, as well as 2 silicone collapsible Go back and forth bowls.
High Quality Material – We have used a Premium material for this durable bag, which can be wiped clean with ease. We’ve included a Padded Strap, making it comfortable to wear over the shoulder.
Name Tag – Use a Marker to write your Dog’s Name and your details. We’ve included this great little identity accessory for when your dog stays in home boarding or kennels. Practical Size for Go back and forth (our official size S – M, please read further size information within product description below).


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