AHUKU Dog Car Seat with Seat Belt and Strong Padded Sides – Waterproof Pet Booster Seat Cover – For Small to Medium Dogs…

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The AHUKU Dog Car Seat features EXTRA STRONG PADDED SIDES to keep your dog protected and protected when travelling in a car. The included ADJUSTABLE LENGTH SEAT BELT ensures your dog is kept safely within the dog car seat always. It provides a much safer alternative to the usage of a dog car bed.

Our car seat for dogs can be installed on FRONT SEATS and REAR SEATS, our dog car seats are EASY TO INSTALL with an adjustable length head rest strap, an adjustable length lower seat strap and a tuck-in seat anchor to keep the dog seat securely in place.

It is the perfect alternative to a traditional DOG CAR CARRIER and is suitable for many other small to medium pets. Unlike an enclosed dog carrier your best friend will be capable to see all around when sat in our dog car seat.

A dog booster seat can help comply with Rule 57 of the Highway Code which states “When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained… a seat belt, pet carrier, dog cage or guard are ways of restraining animals in cars.”

Dog booster car seats are improbable for SMALL DOGS and MEDIUM DOGS. The dimensions of the enclosure are 45cm x 45cm and the sides are 22cm tall.

The triple layer fabric is easy to wipe clean and provides durable waterproof protection from dirt, water, hair and scratches.

Our dog seats are designed and tested in the UK to ensure the highest quality and best imaginable fit for UK cars.

ANTI-COLLAPSE SIDES: The EXTRA STRONG padded sides are reinforced to prevent them from collapsing if your dog or puppy attempts to climb out of the dog car seat. The car seat cover for dogs can be combined with a small dog bed or dog cushion for additional comfort.
FOR FRONT & REAR SEATS: Installation is very easy – clip the top adjustable strap around the headrest, the lower adjustable strap around the back of the seat and then tuck-in the protected seat anchor for additional security.
ADJUSTABLE LENGTH SEAT BELT (OR USE YOUR OWN): The included adjustable seat belt provides safety and keep an eye on for your dog or puppy. The car dog seat also has seat belt slots on both sides to allow you the option of the usage of your own dog seat belt (additional seat belt not included).
FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM DOGS & PUPPIES: The dimensions of the pet car seat enclosure are 45cm x 45cm and the anti-collapse sides are 22cm tall. It is an implausible alternative to a dog car carrier and has an anti-slip mesh bottom.
FREE BAG: The included reusable dirt and water-resistant bag provides the perfect storage location for the dog booster seat for cars when it is not being used, and offers handy extra storage when it is.