Ellie-Bo 50 x Super Absorbent Puppy Training Pads with Active Charcoal and Super Absorbent Polymer Technology (1-Pack)

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Product Description

Pack of 50 Super Absorbent Active Charcoal Puppy Pads

Ellie-Bo carried out extensive research on the best selling pads in the UK before designing these super absorbent pads. Every aspect studied and improved upon with the intention to produce what we consider is among the finest puppy pad available on the market. Check out the features below and come to a decision for yourself..

Highly Absorbent Utilising Super Absorbent Polymer technology these 6 layer pads are up to 3x more absorbent than other brands making an allowance for extended use or with larger breeds.

Prevents Leaks Advanced polymer technology means no unwanted damp patches in your house as moisture is locked away in the core of the pads as a gel not a liquid

Neutralize Unwanted Odours Each pad contains active charcoal that helps to contain unwanted odours

Strong Attractant To help speed up the training process these pads are infused with an attractant to encourage your puppy to return to the pad to relieve itself

Quick Drying Moisture is drawn into the quilting of the pad into the Super Absorbent Polymer layer

Anti Tracking By drawing in wetness to the core of the pad it reduces messy tracking of damp paws around the house

Fix in place When used on slippery tiled or laminate floors these pads can be secured the use of the four low tack adhesive fixings built into the mat. Be sure that when you remove a soiled pad you remove very slowly so as not to tear the pad.

Not sure how to house train your puppy? Ellie-Bo has even provided a training guide on the side of the pack

How big? Each pad measures 60 x 54cms

Box Contains

50 x Puppy Pads

Super absorbent 6 layer pads
Active charcoal to reduce odours
Super absorbent polymer core – moisture is locked away as a gel not a liquid
Fix in place on slippery surfaces with built in adhesive fixings
Each pad measures 60 x 54 cms