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How To Keep Your Dog Cool During The Summer Heat

No One Wants Their Dog To Be A Hot Dog!

Most of us look forward to the summer arriving.  Lighter, brighter evenings, late night strolls with our loved ones.  But not everyone looks forward to that warmer weather. 

Especially our Dogs.

It is so easy for them to overheat, and sadly many Dogs do pass away due to heat stroke, and the thing is, we can help stop it.

How To Keep Your Dog Cool During The Summer Heat

  1. Don’t exercise your Dog in the height of the heat – usually between midday and 4pm. Try to exercise your Dog early during summer, and/or late evening – remember that concrete may still be very warm to touch, so it’s advisable to check first.
  2. Carry a Travel Water Bottle with you when you take your Dog on a walk.
  3. Get  your Dog a paddle pool – These do vary in price, however we don’t need to fill the pool to the top with water, simply add enough for your Dog to soak their paws is adequate.
  4. Don’t leave your Dog in the Conservatory – If you do need to leave the house, and your dog, please make sure they are in a cool area and not in direct heat from windows & always try to have good air flowing through the house, or have a fan circulate the air (not while Dog is alone though).
  5. Consider a cooling jacket for your Dog – these are a great product .
  6. Never, ever leave your Dog in the car.  Even if you are just “nipping in to the shop”.  Your Dog could die from the heat in a very short period of time, even with the windows slightly open..
  7. Put a few ice cubes in your Dogs water bowl.
  8. If it’s hot outside, then consider playing hide ‘n’ seek games indoors.  Short 15-20 minutes of these games will really give your Dog a mentally stimulating  workout.
  9. Try using a Cooling Mat or Cooling Jacket (under supervision, never when Dog is left alone..).
  10. Don’t do Dog Sports during the heat, unless it’s indoors / air conditioned, and your Dog is able to cool down.
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